20 Members Chatting

The chat window may take a few moments to load.
Web cams are in beta and are not currently available for mobile devices.

Chat Instructions

Viewing Profiles, Blocking & Private Messaging:

You can view a members mini profile by clicking on their name once. In this window you can choose to view their profile, block or private message the chatter. To block a member view their profile and click "block" under their main profile photo.

Friends Lists & Custom Lists:

Click the Member Lists tab for your list of friends, blocks or any members you may have put on a custom list. You can add any user to a custom list and name the custom list anything you like. Add a member to a custom list by clicking "Add To List" on their profile.

Bookmarking Favorite Rooms:

Add your favorite rooms to your bookmarked rooms. There is a check box above every room. Adding rooms to your bookmarks auto logs you into that room unless you change it in your chat settings.

Many Settings To Personalize The Chat:

Click on the Action button for the chat settings. In the chat settings you will find a volume control, blocking behavior, auto loging into bookmarked rooms and many more settings. Explore them to see them all.

Exploring Local & Topic Rooms:

There are over 700 local and topic rooms.To view the room list click the the Room List tab. Click the + sign to open the room tree. Once you find a room you would like to chat in click the "Join Selected Room" button above the room list to enter chat. Don't forget to bookmark all your favorite rooms!